How to install SQL Server?

Download and Install Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is a Microsoft-developed, relational database management system. The primary function of the product is to store and recall the data as requested by the user or other application. These SQL functions will run over a network, either on the same machine or another.

How to Download Microsoft SQL Server?

In this section, we’ll understand how to download Microsoft SQL Server:

Check for Microsoft SQL Server Downloads from the Microsoft site, the site contains two options for free.

  • Developer edition
  • Express version

Installing SQL Server Prerequisites

We will first download the Developer version

  • Click Download Now for our SQL Server installation steps and start downloading
Install SQL Server
  • Once download is complete, the file will be available as SQLServer2017-SSCI-Dev in the downloads folder or in any folder you have specified

Installing SQL Server

  • Click the SQLServer2017-SSCI-Dev file and you will find a window with three options: Standard, Custom, and Media Download
Install SQL Server
  • Select Custom as we want the Developer version, and below Media Location you can find a route for it. You may either maintain the norm, or assign a custom route
Install SQL Server
  • The default path is kept in the snapshot as it is in Media Position
  • Once the path is chosen, click Install and the installation begins
  • A notification will appear as the installation of your SQL Server should start early … and you may notice a pop-up screen of the SQL Server Installation Center

How is SQL Server Installed?

  • A pop-up window, SQL Server Installation Center, appears and includes two columns
  • Pick Install from the left-hand column and you can find some choices on the right-hand side of the screen once you choose it.
How SQL Server is installed?
  • Pick the first choice in the right-hand column, which is New SQL Server stand-alone installation or add features to an existing installation
  • Wait for it to be processed, and you will have a SQL Server 2017 Setup window where you click Next
How SQL Server is installed?
  • Select Run a new 2017 SQL Server installation and press Next.
  • Pick the free version from Free version and press Next.
  • Accept the terms of the warrant.
  • The display screen takes you to the 2017 SQL Server functionality.
  • There are a lot of choices available but we will pick Database Engine Services in this article.
  • Click The Next button.
SQL Server
  • The next installation is the configuration of the case.
  • In the Named Instance and Instance ID fields, give the information and click Next.
  • I provided the Name instance as SPARATA here in the snapshot and the same applies for the Instance ID.
SQL Server
  • The configuration screen of the server is shown by clicking Next.
  • You can now notice two authentication modes on the device.
  • Authentication mode for Windows.
  • Mixing Mode.
  • Select the Mix mode, enter the password you want and validate the password.
  • Click on Add Current User to pick the account, and the new account is added now.
  • Click The Next button.
  • Once you have installed the Current Consumer, the SQL Server is ready to load.
  • Now press the Next button and the installation process is completed.
  • After you have completed the installation process, you are back to the SQL Server Installation Centre.
SQL Server

Now you will need to install the SQL Server Management Software as well; this tool will allow you to connect to the database.

  • Tap Download SQL Server Management Tools to guide you to the home page of Microsoft.
  • Download the new SQL Server Management Studio update, and find the downloaded file as SSMS-Setup-ENU in your folder.
SQL Server
  • Click on the studio file and launch it.
  • Scan for Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio once the installation is complete.
  • The SQL Server Management Studio is launched and a Link to Server pop-up will be found.
  • Type the password you had previously entered with Login as a, and press Connect.
Installing SQL Server
SQL Server

This takes us to the end of this section, here we learned how to download Microsoft SQL Server, what are Microsoft SQL Server Developer Edition and Microsoft SQL Server Installation Prerequisites and How to Install SQL Server.

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