Is Covid-19 vaccine safe?

Is Covid-19 vaccine safe?

Vaccination is giving protection from diseases it makes our immune system stronger and train our immune system to fight against any harmful diseases like Covid-19.
Yeah we can say Covid-19 vaccine safe because Covid-19 vaccine is not prepared by any individual but it is a result of very hardworking, brilliant scientist and doctors from all over world who worked days and night, months without sufficient sleep. There is panic in public it is not safe due to its side effects, it is correct that there are some side effects of corona vaccine some very mild and moderate side effects whis is reasonable. Scientific reason to have side effects after having vaccinated means our body is getting protection.
According to World health organisation some common symptoms of coronavirus vaccination is fatigue, fever, muscle pain, pain at the place of injection, headache and diarrhoea.
W.H.O. and National authorities are continuously monitoring the status and side effects of coronavirus vaccine.
‌According to government officials and World health organisation covid-19 vaccines are safe and getting vaccination will help in protection against coronavirus so don’t think too much get vaccinated as soon as possible.

Covid-19 Update

As on 26 April,2021 total cases of coronavirus worldwide has become 148,230,622 total number of death has become 3,127,988 whereas only in India the total number of coronavirus cases has become 17,581,530 where new cases are +275,230  and total number of death has become 197,133 and new deaths reported are +2,017.

covid-19 India

India has become second worst affected country after USA.WHO  said it is very heartbreaking situation in India.
PM Narendra Modi expressed thanks to US president Biden to support in fulfilling oxygen crisis.US has supported India with approx 300 Oxygen concentrators.

Uttar Pradesh government has said if beds are not available in state-run hospitals then the patients will be referred to private hospitals and state government will pay for it.

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