Java is an Object-Oriented Programming Language which is very efficient to use because of its versatile features.

Some features of Java are:
Simplicity: Java is easy to Code and understand.
Familiarity: If you have learnt C/C++ , then Java resume to be familiar with C/C++ .
Object-Oriented: Java is compilation of all OOPS concepts like abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism and so it is object-orient programming language.
Java is Platform-Independant: Java consist of bytecodes which runs on any systems where Java Virtual Machine works and so write Java once and use it on windows, Mac, Linux.
Java is Secured: No viruses can attack Java because of its built in security features.

List of Contents:

Inheritance in Java
Polymorphism in Java
Encapsulation in Java
Abstraction in Java
Exception in Java
JDBC in Java
Multi-Threading in Java
Java 8
Generics in Java
Wrapper class (Part-1) in Java
Wrapper Class (Part-2) in Java
Collections in Java
Wrapper Class (Part-3) in Java
Enums in Java
Nested Class in Java
Strings (Part-1) in Java
Strings (Part-2) in Java
Spring Framework in Java