Second wave of coronavirus India

Nowadays situation have become so fatal in India due to second wave of coronavirus.In last 14 days only, 32,03,173 people get affected by deadly coronavirus and approx 19,288 people have been died. And now India has become second most affected country after United States. At this critical time it has been very difficult in providing proper medical facilities to all citizens.There is huge shortage of Oxygen and many people die in search or waiting of oxygen and proper medical facilities.All hospitals have been filled with corona patients and new coming patients have no beds and are dying in waiting.

Second wave of coronavirus India

Approximately 14,48,03,495 number of people have been affected worldwide and number of deaths reported is 30,74,468 and this number is increasing continuously.Coronavirus has hit almost all countries and have destroyed socially, economically. In India approx 1,62,63,694 people have been found affected .Number of deaths have been 1,86,950 from 30Jan 2020 when very first corona case was reported in India.

Panic among people seen everywhere because of uncertainty of whether they will get medical privileges or not in this huge shortage of medical facilities, oxygen, etc.Many people seen weeping and anxious when had no hope of being helped.Very empathetic glimpses also penetrates whole scenario when any beloved died into someone’s lapse.All these sights and situations are unbearable.

Vaccination in coronavirus

According to mohfw there are two vaccines granted permission in emergency use by the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) in India are:
Covishield® (AstraZeneca’s vaccine which is manufactured by Serum Institute of India) and
Covaxin® (manufactured by Bharat Biotech Limited).
As on 22April 113,584,269 people have atleast one dose of vaccines and 19,170,339 people have been fully vaccinated.
Govt. of India has proposed that all adults above 18yrs of age to be vaccinated and it is going to be started by 1st May.
It is a challenge to drive vaccination in such a large nation like India.India is having approx 180,000 and 1,250 deaths daily.

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